System Requirements
  • Windows 98, XP, 2000, ME, Vista, 7, 8.
  • 64 MB RAM or more.
  • Minimum 3 MB available Harddisk space.

SourceShield is a website encryption tool. By using SourceShield to protect your webpage, you make it more difficult to read your html code, and therefore more difficult to steal and reuse it.

Use SourceShield to encode the whole page or part of the page in a way that makes it more difficult to make illegal copies of your pages, or even view it from the local location.

SourceShield makes no visual changes to your webpages, but the protected page requires a javascript compatible browser to run.

SourceShield have several other choices than just encoding the code - one of the great features is the possibility to encode all email addresses from your pages, resulting in email spiders not finding your email address, reducing the chance for spam. Read more about the features here

It's very important to remember that there is absolutely no way to completely prevent your client-side code from being stolen, but SourceShield makes it much harder to accomplish.

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